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Ramapo Ridge Middle School

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Our School

Welcome to our school website.

Our site provides you with a lot of important information to give you an overview of some of our programs. Additionally, it will help you become more familiar with the goals and objectives of our school. Enjoy your visit. Please know that during the middle school years, our staff delights in guiding your children through young adolescence. Please feel free to contact us at any time. If you are a parent of one of our students, we know that you are your child's most important teacher, and by working together, the middle school years can be magic ones.

Ramapo Ridge is a friendly and safe school that provides a challenging academic environment designed to address the ever-changing needs of young adolescents. Our staff is specifically selected to teach middle school students and dedicated to helping young adolescents learn and develop while recognizing the need to provide understanding and support to all individuals.

Belief Statements

We believe that:

  • Effective learning is relevant and rigorous.
  • Ongoing and meaningful professional growth is critical to success.
  • Professional learning communities create the optimal conditions for learning.
  • Everyone deserves to be valued and successful.
  • Communities model the behaviours that they value.
  • There must be opportunity to question ideas and beliefs.
  • People who engage in activities aligned with their needs and interests will reach their highest potential.
  • Physical, intellectual, and creative activities are essential for personal growth.
  • Cultural and individual diversity enriches learning.
  • Accountability and responsibility apply to all.