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Social Studies

Sixth Grade Social Studies

Students in the sixth grade begin their course of study by identifying the five themes of geography and then integrating these same themes and concepts into all ancient cultures and civilizations studied during the course of the school year. After our study of early humans and the dawn of civilization itself, ancient civilizations to be explored and examined include Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, China, Greece, and Rome. In class, students work both independently and collaboratively with an emphasis on developing their ability to write, read and think critically. In terms of assessments and evaluations, students will have regular tests, quizzes, homework assignments, projects, as well as, at least one unit test per marking period. We will also begin learning how to research in the MLA style. We will be using the research process throughout the year, culminating with a research project relevant to the six civilizations studied.

 Seventh Grade Social Studies

The seventh grade social studies course is the second year of a two year study of world geography, culture and history.  In the seventh grade students build upon the origans of humanity and the development of ancient civilizations and learn about how the ancient period came to an end and about the religions, civilizations and empires ant emerged throughout the medieval and early modern periods of history.  The scope of this course includes more than one thousand years of history spanning across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  In this course, students gain an understanding and appreciation for different cultures throughout the world with the goal of better understanding the current world in which we live.

Eighth Grade Social Studies

In this course, we will examine the history and development of the American Colonies and the early United States.  Together, we will journey through time developming a dirm understanding of our nation's growth politically, economically and socially.  We will begin from the first interactions of the Europeans with the Native Americans, and the end of the great Americal Civil War.  Within this course will will discuss such topics as:  self-rule, the causes of the American Revolution,k the writing of the Constitution, growth of democracy, the development of sectionalism and the causes and results of the Civil War.


Nikki VanEss

Supervisor of Social Studies


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