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Ramapo Ridge Middle School

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World Languages

“All students will be able to use a world language in addition to English to engage in meaningful conversation, to understand and interpret spoken and written language, and to present information, concepts, and ideas, while also gaining an understanding of the perspectives of other cultures. Through language study, they will make connections with other content areas, compare the language and culture studied with their own, and participate in home and global communities.” NJCCCS 7

French or Spanish 6th Grade Cycle:

Students are introduced to the target language and culture through thematic units. Students begin by studying where the target language is spoken in the world. Then, in the remaining cycles, students acquire basic communicative phrases so that they can greet one another in culturally appropriate ways, introduce themselves and others, talk about birthdays, clothes, body parts, school, the calendar, and the weather.

Chinese, French, or Spanish 7th Grade:

The focus of this course is to further develop student proficiency by expanding on the themes learned in 6th grade and introducing new themes so that students can:

• Talk about self and others in more detail

• Talk about family and friends

• Express likes and dislikes

• Talk about daily activities

• Extend and accept invitations

• Talk about school and schedules

• Express hunger and thirst

• Talk about possessions and everyday objects

French or Spanish 8th Grade: (Chinese will begin in the 8th grade in the 2024-2025 School Year).

Students expand upon themes studied in 6th and 7th grade and are introduced to new themes so that students can:

• Describe where they live

• Talk about food, beverages and ordering in a restaurant

• Talk about health and express how they feel

• Talk about clothing and shopping

• Talk about favorite holidays

• Describe weekend and vacation plans

Courtney Carrelha

Supervisor of World Language


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